Tuesday, August 11, 2009


VoIP is nothing but Voice over Internet Protocol, which has taken the world by storm. VoIP is both the cause and consequence of a shrinking world. Now one does not need to spend huge amount of money on making international calls. Simply with the help of Internet, one can make calls in any part of the world without having to burn a whole in the pocket.

VoIP, also known as IP Telephony or Broadband telephony, is basically routing the voice messages over the Internet or through any other kind of IP based network services. There are dedicated service providers which are basically companies that provide such VoIP services to common people on an individual basis or in a group, however VoIP services are mostly used by corporate houses. These service providers use protocols to carry out voice signals over the IP network and they are commonly known as Voice over IP or VoIP protocols.

VoIP is increasingly replacing the POST or Plain Old Telephone System. Now more and more organisations are switching over to the latest mode of communication. This has become a necessity as companies are extending their client base abroad and till far away from their country. Now you can speak to your client sitting in Middle East or China or USA or just about anywhere where Internet has touched the human life. VoIP ha s decreased the requirement and therefore the cost of traveling tremendously and therefore it is reaching out to more number of people in more number of countries.

Suppliers of VoIP

VoIP has spread its wings far and wide. And the spread has become possible due to increasing number of VoIP service providers. These suppliers provide the VoIP services on the basis of plans. One can choose services as per the requirements or the frequency at which one needs to make international calls. You can also choose to take the help of leading suppliers of traditional telephones or cordless phones, who are providing VoIP services.

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