Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Location Area Identity Format

A Location Area Identity (LAI) code identifies the location area in a PLMN. The LAI code has three components:

· Mobile Country Code (MCC)
The MCC is a 3-digit code that uniquely identifies the country of domicile of the mobile subscriber (for example, Sri Lanka 413). It is assigned by the ITU-T.

· Mobile Network Code (MNC)
The MNC is a 2-digit code that identifies the home GSM PLMN of the mobile subscriber. If more than one GSM PLMN exist in a country, a unique MNC is assigned to each of them. The government of each country assigns it. Mobitel - 01

· Location Area Code (LAC)
The LAC component identifies a location area within a PLMN; it has a fixed length of 2 octets and can be coded using hexadecimal representation. An operator assigns it.

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