Saturday, August 15, 2009

iPhone video sharing app Qik now available

Mobile streaming video company Qik has, after more than a year of waiting, finally gotten an iPhone version of its eponymous app approved for distribution via the App Store. It comes with a number of compromises, however, that depart from the promise of mobile live video streaming directly from the iPhone.

Qik is a website where users can store, view, and stream videos. It's also a mobile phone app that lets users record, stream, and upload videos directly from their phones. Naturally, Qik announced that it was making an iPhone app early on in the App Store process, but ran into a few problems: the video stream from the iPhone's camera wasn't available from a public API and AT&T's terms of service don't permit streaming video from "Web camera posts or broadcasts." (Such limitations were also problematic for SlingPlayer Mobile, but oddly, not for YouTube or That essentially forced Qik to go underground with its iPhone client, and the company released a version that worked with jailbroken iPhones.

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