Saturday, August 15, 2009

Apple claims jailbreaking could crash cell towers

Apple has filed responses to specific questions from the Copyright Office considering a proposed DMCA exemption for jailbreaking its phones. Aside from the usual issues concerning copyrights, which Apple naturally asserts do not warrant a DMCA exemption, the response also details possible harm to a cell network that jailbreaking could cause, including facilitation of drug dealers and crashing cell towers.

As part of the triennial review of requests for DMCA exemptions, the EFF filed a request that jailbreaking iPhones be considered for an exemption. While Apple hasn't brought any lawsuits against jailbreaking or those who create jailbreaking tools, the EFF filed an exemption request to stave off any possible DMCA violation that might arise from what the EFF characterizes as consumers exercising their rights to use a device as they see fit.

Apple naturally opposed the request, suggesting that the DRM on the iPhone was intrinsic to both Apple's business model and the safety of the iPhone in general.

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